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Never Summer

CMS Platform: nopCommerce

  • Design & Development
    Platform consolidation with nopCommerce and developed to sell
  • Creative and Content
    Conveys the feeling of shredding the white slopes.
Snowboarder grinding on rail

Client Brief
Never Summer

Never Summer’s reputation of quality and durability began in the early years of snowboarding. Designing and building snowboards since 1983 has given them years of experience in testing and perfecting their snowboard designs and construction methods. The end result allows them to bring snowboarders the most durable, high performance boards on the planet.
Screenshot of Never Summer website


Never Summer’s previous website was hard to edit and not platform- or mobile-responsive.  There were also multiple independent websites under the Never Summer umbrella. If a change was made to one site, a manual change would have to be made to each of the others.  Their old platform also didn’t allow for them to sell products directly, so shoppers had to go to a separate website to purchase. This created a disconnect in continuity and made for a messy user journey. 


Bayshore was able to help Never Summer by utilizing the nopCommerce platform for their new website. With their eCommerce expertise and team of nopCommerce certified developers, Bayshore were able to build a website where consumer could purchase products directly from the site. This eliminated the need for the third-party transaction provider and the percentage they took from every sale. Other new features included:
  • A customized warranty plugin that allowed users to register their snowboards. This allowed users to register for Never Summer’s newsletter and enter contests.
  • A custom “calendar of events” plugin, which was created from a regular calendar plugin.
  • Creation of a Google Maps-based location search for retailers that sold Never Summer products.
  • Support for multiple languages, all housed in one platform.
The nopCommerce platform was also able to consolidate all their other websites, creating a single place for edits and updates. Finally, the design of the website was refreshed and eye-catching imagery was used to convey the feeling of being on a mountain shredding the white slopes.
Two snowboarders on top of a mountain getting ready to snowboard down
Screenshot of Never Summer website displaying featured snowboard products
Screenshot of Never Summer website showing best selling snowboards
Screenshot of Never Summer website showing snowboarders


    The new website allows for easier navigation, ability to purchase products directly, a consolidated platform and many more features. Since the launch of the site, Never Summer has experienced increased YoY gains including:
    • 39% increase in pages per session
    • 36% increase in page views
    • 8% savings from each product sold from being able to sell directly to consumers


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