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Teletrac Navman

CMS Platform: Umbraco


Custom Site Design
Completely redesigned and restructured website built in Umbraco, prioritizing user experience.
Full Stack Development
Complete front- and back-end development/design and custom script for migrating content.
Dozens of pages of content generated in close collaboration between agency and client.

Client Brief
Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman, an international fleet tracking software company, tapped Bayshore Solutions for a complete redesign and restructuring of their website with an ambitious launch date. The site comprises five international regions, each with its own microsite URL with 500+ website pages in different languages.



A High-Stakes User Journey
Teletrac Navman produces a highly specialized software product with implications for security, worker safety, and federal regulations. Their tracking software represents a significant investment for their customers.
Their previous website lacked a streamlined user journey, with information patchworked together. As a result, the site made it challenging for users to know what they needed and how to find it. Many website visitors would simply call Teletrac Navman on the phone for the information instead. 
Teletrac Navman needed new website content, a simplified navigation, and a better user experience, all built on .NET platform—crucial for security—within a relatively short time frame. With a clear vision, they wished to stay hands-on throughout the process. They chose Bayshore Solutions as their end-to-end partner based on the agency’s comprehensive roadmap for success.


A Collaborative Process
The Bayshore Solutions team spent more than 2 days, in person, with Teletrac Navman team members from around the world, mapping the needs and goals of the new website. Bayshore identified Umbraco as the ideal platform. It provided the requisite security with a robust CMS they could customize for the different international regions, and which would allow them to make page updates later with ease.
Bayshore Solutions conducted stakeholder interviews, which enabled them to design a new, solution-driven sitemap that spoke to the target audience more clearly. The Bayshore and Teletrac Navman teams collaborated closely to generate dozens of pages of new content that would engage the audience and anticipate their questions. 
Bayshore Solutions provided complete front- and back-end development and design. They also implemented a custom script to migrate hundreds of pages of content, potentially saving hundreds of hours, with 301 redirects of URLs to preserve SEO value.



    Moving Users Toward a Sale
    Teletrac Navman’s new website boasts a fresh, modern look but, just as important, is engaging and easy to navigate. A new feature of the site helps a visitor figure out what product they need by answering a series of questions that build on one another. The user simply supplies information about their industry, number and types of vehicles, and what features they need to build their own solution.
    The new site was unveiled at a company-wide meeting in December 2019. Almost overnight, Teletrac Navman’s conversion rate increased. The company immediately began to see a return on their investment.



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