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A family-run roofing company that turned their passion into a business.

Westfall Roofing is a seasoned professional roofing company with over 30 years of experience servicing the Tampa Bay community.

Westfall Roofing originally approached Bayshore Solutions with the need for a new website — one that was mobile-friendly, fully responsive and able to seamlessly integrate with their CRM, Salesforce. 

The Bayshore Solutions team also worked with Westfall Roofing to maximize their cross-channel efforts by managing their paid search campaigns, webpage optimizations and content creation.

After their website was complete, Westfall Roofing looked to Bayshore Solutions for guidance on how to grow their website long term through ongoing support. Together, we worked to successfully:

  • Create SEO-informed organic content 

  • Increase quality website traffic 

  • Establish domain authority 

  • Improve keyword ranking

  • Maximize their digital marketing efforts 

  • Boost conversions and click-through rate

1589% Increase in Clicks
550% Increase in Organic Traffic
275% Increase in CTR
353% Increase in Impressions
First Page Positioning For over 50 non-branded keywords

Attract quality organic traffic through SEO-informed content creation.

Westfall Roofing relied heavily on paid advertisements to bring in website traffic, and lacked the content necessary to drive organic traffic.

After investing time, money and resources into their new website, Westfall Roofing recognized it needed to rank in search to flourish. Without a prior SEO-informed content strategy, more than half of Westfall Roofing’s traffic came from paid advertisements — with only 13% of traffic coming from organic search.

Wishing to make the most of their website investment — and seeing that SEO-informed content creation was the best way to do so, Westfall Roofing decided to partner with Bayshore Solutions.

The Bayshore Solutions team noted that leveraging the value of organic, SEO-informed content was an opportunity to immensely grow Westfall Roofing’s business.
chart showing growing search traffic

Creating content that improves domain authority and keyword rankings

Through keyword research and SEO, we tailored our content to speak directly to the needs of Westfall Roofing’s clients — bringing in quality traffic and drive conversions.

The SEO-informed blogs we wrote ranked well in Google almost immediately — and the benefits were great. Their three top-performing pages are blogs, and these blogs bring well-qualified traffic to other pages on their website including the Financing, Contact Us, and Services pages.

The surge in clicks and impressions was massive — at a 1,589% increase and 353% increase, respectively. There was also an improvement in the quality of the traffic — with a click-through rate that improved by 275%, and their average position improving from 41.2 to 34.6.

Now bringing in 70% of website traffic, organic search is the top channel. 

Prior to these adjustments, Westfall Roofing wasn’t ranking for non-branded keywords — search queries that are specific to a product or service a company offers, but don’t include the company name. Now, they rank on the first page of search results for more than 50 non-branded keywords — an impressive feat considering that ranking well for non-branded keywords is highly competitive and difficult. 

Westfall Roofing was extremely satisfied with the increase in high-quality, organic traffic and the conversions that resulted from it. The sales team reported increased calls and increased revenue. They received an abundance of leads — so many so that they’re able to be more selective with the projects they take on.

As their agency of record, Bayshore Solutions continues to support Westfall Roofing with our expertise in paid media and design, as well as quarterly reporting meetings to identify opportunities for future strategy.



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