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May 10, 2019, 10:10 AM
Title : Patra
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Tagline : Brand new face, voice and style

Design, Development & Hosting
Turning a vision into reality through strategic planning

Digital Strategy, Creative & Content
A new and unified brand voice and style.

Inbound Marketing
Marketing automation through HubSpot.

Patra was founded to enable insurance brokers to issue certificates faster and more efficiently. As the industry has evolved, they expanded to serve retail agencies (including commercial lines, personal lines and employee benefits), MGAs, wholesalers, and carriers, with more than 160 distinct services. They also offer omni-channel contact center customer experience and acquisition capabilities.

Patra Corp’s previous website was outdated and not responsive. This proved a problem for new leadership because there was this antiquated website and it did not align with what the company stood for and the bleeding-edge insurance processing technology they provided. There were also three sites under the Patra Corp. umbrella including one dedicated to military families, one for their India market and the main site that needed to be consolidated into one platform. The new CRO had a vision of where the digital presence needed to be but wasn’t sure how to get there.

Patra Corp came to Bayshore Solutions because they were looking for a local partner to align with their management style that benefited from face-to-face meetings. They also needed a partner that could not only help them with a website redesign, but also the strategic plan to get there. Bayshore Solutions was the ideal partner for these needs and the first step was completing a roadmap that outlined the scope of the project. Once the roadmap was complete and a plan was in place, work began on the website. Their previous website was on WordPress and the decision was made to keep it there since the platform provided all the functionally Patra Corp needed to meet their goals.

Along with the website redesign, Bayshore helped Patra Corp find their brand voice and style. Bayshore conducted stakeholder interviews that were summarized and analyzed to create a voice for the brand. Next came the brand guidelines that would be a unique face for Patra Corp, complete with custom styling and brand guidelines composed of fonts, font treatments, image directives and more. This new face and voice were aligned with the vision of the company and used to create the new website, as well as the strategic copy within it.

Once the website was established, HubSpot was integrated to it to enhance Patra Corp’s marketing. Email campaigns, blogging, link tracking, landing pages – all of this was now available to them through HubSpot.

By partnering with Bayshore Solutions, Patra Corp was able to benefit from:
  • An updated brand look, feel, voice and style
  • Consolidation of their websites into one platform
  • Continuity throughout their entire brand
  • Marketing automation through HubSpot
  • Improved Google Analytics tracking
  • Unique website functionality such as a geographic redirection system that routes all traffic from IP addresses based in India to an Indian version of the website.
Categories :
  • Design
  • Development
  • Hosting
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
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